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Ron Howell Collection

Sitting Bull by Ron Howell

"Sitting Bull" by Ron Howell

Ron Howell Collection

Below you will find select sculptures from the collection of Ron Howell. The following sculptures are available for sale. Click on image to see larger version. Please set your browser to allow popup windows for this purpose. If your browser does not support JavaScript, you may view a page containing all of the larger versions of this artist's work by clicking here. (Note it may take some time to load that link, depending upon your Internet connection.)

Please Contact us for further information on these pieces or to request other items of interest.

First Meeting by Ron Howell

"First Meeting"

Bronze - Limited Edition of 20

21" high X 21" Wide and X 21" Deep

Life Size at Weight of 100 Pounds

Buffalo Bill by Ron Howell

"Buffalo Bill"

Bronze, 15" High on an 8" diameter base

"Buffalo Bill", William Frederick Cody, was a rugged frontiersman of the American West who later became a popular showman.

Sitting Bull by Ron Howell

"Sitting Bull"

Bronze, 17" High, 8" Diameter Base

"Sitting Bull", a famous medicine man and leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux Indians, lived from 1834 to 1890.


Will Rogers by Ron Howell

"Will Rogers"

Bronze, 14" High, 8" Diameter Base

Will Rogers began his career as a cowboy and rose to fame as an author, lecturer, and star of vaudeville, motion pictures, and radio.  He was known for his homespun humor, down-to-earth philosophy, and generosity.  He was also known as "The Cowboy Philosopher"

For further information on any of these works or to request works by artists not shown here, please contact us.

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