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Ron Howell

Ron Howell
Ron Howell

Ron Howell is a multi-faceted artist who, after many years, decided that sculpture was his most satisfying form of expression.  Originally a native of western North Carolina, Mr. Howell presently resides with his wife and three children in Gurnee, Illinois where he works out of his home studio.  

With a background in commercial art and designs, Mr. Howell also worked as a puppeteer and builder of hand-carved marionettes.  His strong interest in characters and figures led him into work in the more permanent medium of bronze.

Mr. Howell is particularly interested in portraiture and figurative representation, especially of notable historic characters.  

“It is truly satisfying to know that work produced in bronze will be around for many generations after my lifetime.  Therefore, the quest for perfection is ever-present in the process of working on each piece.  I search for the subtleties of a person’s personality and character, and try to portray them in their 3-D representation”. 
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